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I’m Amber McMath, the creator of ImThatTeacher.com

You’re about to discover that I am dedicated to helping teachers equip any middle grade student to effectively read any text.

Before I let you in on the 6 Comprehension Strategies that transform readers, let’s step into the teacher’s lounge and I’ll tell you more about myself.

I became a teacher because of my rock star high school English teacher Mrs. Kelly (And if you’re reading this, thanks!).

My calling is to teach middle school language arts.

But apparently it’s not as poetic as Mrs. Kelly made it seem.


I was shocked that my students didn’t love reading!

And day in and day out dealing with the frustrations of teaching reading to anti-readers.

What is the notorious culprit that steals our readers’ hearts?

Students don’t understand what they read!

Why did I build this course?

Because Students…

Because Teachers…

Because students… don’t understand what they’re reading or they DO understand but they’ve just been getting by and won’t be ready for the next level.

Because students… get left behind and teachers know they don’t have time to stop or the student is already left behind and is at risk of never catching up.

Because students… aren’t prepared for high stakes standardized tests.

Because students… may never develop a love for reading.

Because teachers… are frustrated with dumbing down the materials they use in class.

Because teachers… desire to reach every student and know how impossible it feels to do this when the playing field isn’t level.

Because teachers… are pressured to have students performing at 100% proficiency on standardized tests.

Because teachers… are passionate about creating life-long readers but know students will never love something they lack the confidence and tools to do well.

What’s Inside?

Modules 1 & 2

Why? The Philosophy

These modules are designed to show you why the foundation of teaching comprehension strategies are necessary and that they’re based on solid research and theories.

Some specifics:

  • Pinpoint problems in the classroom.
  • Beware misguided solutions!
  • How to take advantage of the peculiarities of the middle school reader.

Check out the Free Preview of Module 1!



Module 3

Comprehension Strategies

How to define and deliver what true comprehension is to your students.

Some of the specifics:

  • 6 Proven Comprehension Strategies that will transform a fake or failing reader into a confident life long reader.
  • Strategies that apply to any text at any level and tie directly into the objectives you’re already focusing on in your class.


Modules 4 – 9

An In Depth Look at Each Strategy

Go in depth with the strategies to discover the qualities and characteristics that make them imperative to every reader.

Some of the specifics: Lesson plans and anchor texts for each of the 6 strategies


Module 10

The Model

Explore the reading workshop model that is the vessel for delivering explicit instruction of the strategies.

Some of the specifics: A guide to choosing the best anchor texts.



  • A comprehensive list of 60+ anchor texts to teach these strategies and your state’s objectives.
  • There’s a million people to follow but I share what I consider to be the best and brightest to get you started with your own professional learning network.
  • Several detailed examples of how you pace the strategies throughout your school year.
  • 6 All Inclusive Lesson Plans of Comprehension Strategies


And the most important reasons of all…

The Negatives of
“Just Another PD”

The Positives of a
PD with ImThatTeacher

Professional Dress – Spanx, high heels, and sitting in a freezing cold place with scheduled bathroom breaks.

Comfy Clothes  – Pajama pants, fuzzy socks, and coffee in hand

Wherever you want – Watch it in your bed on your iPad, watch it on your phone while rocking your baby to sleep, or watch it on your computer a few minutes each day on your planning period. All without worrying about receipts, PO’s, or the carpool schedule.

Watch it at your own pace and not all in one sitting, watch it again in 2 weeks when you’ve forgotten that particular example that you remember being golden, and watch individual lessons that apply to exactly what you’re trying to implement because it best fits your students.

Already know something? Skip ahead. You’re in control of what you watch.

Download and print whatever you want. There are links to everything.

Travel Expenses – Keeping receipts, time, and gas

Hotel Expenses – Getting your school to paying for it

Only one opportunity to experience the content

Detached from when you would ideally implement the ideas

Irrelevant or outdated information you’re forced to sit through

Useless bulky binders of handouts and ads to buy other stuff

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